Our Ethics

Sustainable production, happy animals and restoration of native biodiversity.

We’re dedicated to giving every animal grazing on our farms the best life we can. Here’s how we achieve RangeFree production.

A RangeFree life.

We won’t cage our cattle. We live our best life on Bogan Farms and think our cattle should too!! In times of drought we do bring our cattle into smaller holding paddocks. This protects the soils and reduces the energy that cattle lose when they’re on a more limited diet and searching for non-existent green feed. We maintain stockpiles of fodder sufficient to feed our cattle for 2 years. Drought fodder is stored in buried pits on-farm to cover feed in times of drought.

A healthy diet.

Our cattle are always provided with sufficient feed to maintain no less than a fat score of between 3 and 4. This is the level of fat where heifers and cows easily ovulate and is indicative of a healthy animal. Animals heading to processing will obviously be much higher than this.

Treated with respect.

We do not use dogs or electric prods on our cattle…ever. We focus on breeding calm and co-operative cattle that are handled regularly and with respect.

Fast processing means less stress and a smaller carbon footprint.

By 2023 will have all our cattle processed within an hour of our farm at either the Nyngan Abattoir or at a local mobile facility.

Keeping everything transparent.

Farm tours are available by appointment throughout the year so you can see how we treat our cattle firsthand. We’re also planning to have 24 hour live stream cameras operating at strategic locations throughout the farm by end of 2021.

Committed to a better environment.

(after all, we do live here)

Creating biodiversity.

We’ve grown native vegetation from less than 20% in 1980 to over 50% by land area in 2021 during a time when land clearance rates were extremely high across the wheat sheep zone of NSW.

We’re aiming to have 75% of our farms as native vegetation by 2030.

A haven for endangered species.

Bogan Farms is home to numerous vulnerable and endangered species. We have eleven fauna species listed as vulnerable including the Striped faced Dunnert, Superb Parrot, Brolga and Grey-crowned Babbler, three threatened fish species including the Olive Perchlet and 3 species of vulnerable Microchiropteran bats including the Little Pied Bat.

We’ve converted all our riverine paddocks from cropping to native grasslands creating a buffer up to 5km wide. We’re also undertaking a sodic alleviation project aimed at reducing the scalded areas that were created by overgrazing in the 1880s.

Future plans include introducing stock exclusion fencing to all remaining areas of the Bogan River and the creation of a vermin exclusion area suitable for the reintroduction of smaller, now regionally extinct, mammals like the Burrowing Bettong, Eastern Hare Wallaby and the Bilby.

Becoming carbon neutral.

Bogan Farms is pledged to be net Carbon Neutral by 2030, including static flow methane production from our cattle.

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